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Sky Lights Installation in West Palm Beach

Brightening Homes With Natural Light

Nothing beats the warm look and feel of natural light in your home. It has the power to transform gloomy rooms into inviting spaces that are just waiting for memories to be made. While windows are the obvious choice for letting in light, the intensity of light changes as the sun moves, leaving certain rooms very bright or really dark depending on the time of day. Unlike windows, skylights provide balanced, natural light that fills up any space no matter where the sun is in the sky.

If you are looking to add some natural light to your dark kitchen, then Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida, Inc is the perfect place to start. Though we have an established reputation for residential roofing, re-roofing, and roofing repairs, we are also one of the best skylight companies in West Palm Beach. We take as much pride in our skylight installation and repairs as we do in our roofing service, so you can count on us to complete your project to the highest of standards.

What is so great about skylights?

Filling otherwise dark and musty rooms with natural light and fresh air is the obvious answer, but skylights can also:

  • Enhance the natural decor of your room
  • Bathe everything in a warm glow
  • Increase the energy-efficiency of your home
  • Decrease your dependence on your air conditioner by allowing hot air to naturally escape

No matter what reasons you identify with more, our skylight installers will help you get the most out of your home.

Skylight Options

At Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida, Inc, our skylight contractors love bringing the outdoors into your living areas, which is why we offer a wide range of skylight options to choose from, including flat-glass, domed, and custom-built designs. All of our options can be purchased as fixed or vented, and you can even add electric motors and rain sensors that allow the skylights to close automatically in the event of a downpour. Our products are available in clear, smoked, bronze, or tinted options. Standard sizes are 2 x 2, 2 x 4, and 4 x 4 feet, but we can also handle custom projects!


Our range of domed skylights have a bubble shape that allows rain to rinse dirt away, allowing the sun to shine through without constant cleaning. They are available in acrylic and shatterproof, and most are double- or triple-glazed for energy efficiency.


If it is options you want, then take a look at the flat-glass skylights at Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida, Inc. You can choose from tempered, laminated or wire glass, add a tint to retain heat or block solar rays, or install built-in shades or blinds for complete light control.

Light Shafts

If you are looking for an illuminating alternative to skylights, Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida, Inc also specializes in light shaft installations. This is a great option if your ceiling has attic space above it. We offer three types of light shafts, so you can choose how much light you want to add to your room.

For the best skylight and roofing contractors in town, contact our expert team at 561-540-4200 today!

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